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Abigail McClam


Abigail McClam- East Coast Distributor     


Rainforest Remedies welcomes a new Team Member - Abigail McClam, traditional Central American herbalist, Arvigo practitioner, lover of Rainforest Remedies Ltd. and director of Lotus Healing Center, a holistic health and wellness collaborative in Charleston, SC.  


Abigail joins Eva, Toby, and Trudy as the East Coast Distributor to help support, share, educate, and nurture Rainforest Remedies Ltd.'s legacy of plants that heal people.  Abigail is excited to be dedicating her time to advocacy initiatives, product promotions, educational workshop facilitations, and environmental friendly endeavors.  The Rainforest Remedies Ltd Team strives to continue “holding the light” of traditional healing practices taught by Dr. Rosita Arvigo in her heritage of ancient healers indigenous uses of herbs, extracts, and spiritual healing practices.  Our intention is to preserve this knowledge so that we may all benefit, learn, heal, and grow from its wisdom today, as well as, serve the future generations.


Abigail began her journey with Rainforest Remedies Ltd. as a volunteer intern at Arco Iris Farm in 2015.  During this time she gained first hand experience with Rainforest Remedies Ltd. by working and living alongside Eva and Toby in their beautiful home nestled on their extraordinary property in San Ignacio Belize.  Abigail learned on a grassroots-hands-on level how to collect plants using Don Elijios sacred gathering prayers, join in the drying/storage of fresh harvested herbs, aid in the formulation of dry herbs, as well as, participate in the packaging, international shipping, and education/distribution process. Abigail returned in 2016 for a second time where she joined alongside Trudy to help in creating the Medicine Trail at Arco Iris farm, and assist in Maya Spiritual Healing studies. These were her first steps in becoming part of the Rainforest Remedies team, that to her, now feels more like a family.  In June 2019 Abigail hosted a Maya traditional Herbalism conference with Dr. Rosita Arvigo in Charleston, SC that was attended by over 300 participants.  Abigail is working with Rosita to continue to share in advocacy and education projects that are geared toward helping to preserve these essential holistic healing practices held within indigenous herbal and spiritual wisdom traditions. 


Abigail’s experiences with Rainforest Remedies and traditional medicine of Central America in Belize, Guatemala, Brazil, and Mexico, have had a lifelong impact on her personal health, professional practice as a healer, and spirit driven relationship with plant medicine.  She feels inspired by this opportunity to share Rainforest Remedies Ltd with a greater community and hopes that, with your help, you will join us in our mission to provide high quality botanical medicine to a greater global community through outreach, education, production, and publication initiatives.  We thank you for your support. 


Please remember your purchase of Rainforest Remedies Ltd. products not only help to provide a livelihood to indigenous communities within Belize and Guatemala but also helps to save the Rainforest by ensuring the preservation of old growth forest and sustainable and ethical harvesting of plant medicine. Reach out if you would like to further support Rainforest Remedies Ltd. in our Belize Ethnobotany Project or other educational initiatives! 


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Abigail McClam