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Eva & Tobias Sengfelder

  Ava & Tobias Sengfelder 



   In 2015, Ava and Tobias Sengfelder cut the reins of Rainforest Remedies, and now grow, gather, and produce these formulas. Many of the herbs in Rainforest Remedies products are sustainably wildcrafted at the Sengfelder’s Arco Iris Permaculture Far and the surrounding area.

    All of the medicinal plants used in Rainforest Remedies whether through Salvage Botany or permaculture farming are always gathered using traditional methods and prayers. Mature plants are gathered while young and tender plants are transplanted at Arco Iris’s nursery. Onces these have grown, they’re either replanted in the wild or grown on the farm for harvest. Many plant harvesters are young Maya people from the community that now show renewed interest in traditional medicine, herb knowledge that otherwise would have been lost, is now very much alive. By doing this sacred traditional work communities are able to support their families and the education of their children.