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Dr. Rosita Arvigo



Dr. Rosita Arvigo - Founder 

         Dr. Rosita Arvigo carefully devised each Rainforest Remedy formula, based on her 13 year apprenticeship with Don Elijio, a Panti a Belizean traditional Maya Healer. Herbal remedies have been passed down via the oral tradition from traditional Maya healers for centuries. Dr. Avrigo combined her Knowledge of his teachings, and together with her physician's understanding of human physiology and medical herbal training to formulate a. unique set of remedies. 

    Dr. Arvigo's life work is to preserve both, the library of traditional healing skills and the Belizean rainforest, for the benefit of the ecology and humankind. To this aim, she created a non profit foundation called the IxChei Tropical Research Foundation of Belize, devoted to traditional healing and cultural preservation which supports several educational programs for Belizean children and teachers.

These include:

  • The Bush Medicine Camp.
  • Numerous school garden projects such as " Ethobotany in the Classroom" 
  • Free school lunch programs
  • Tour-guide natural history workshops
  • Scholoarships for advanced training in medical fields