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Tincture Vocabulary

Tincture derives from the same root as tint and tinge. Tinctures are simple, convenient, and effective way of taking herbs. They require less plant material for effective therapeutic results than making a simple tea so are a more sustainable method of using plants. They can be used orally as well as applied topically.



Important Vocabulary: 

Proof: The strength of an alcoholic liquor or blend of alcohol and water containing a standard amount of alcohol. 100 Proof means 50% alcohol in 50% water.

Percentage: obtained by dividing the proof If alcohol percentage is 40% the remainder will be 60% water

Menstruum or solvent: Ideally a deluded grain or cane alcohol.  This is an effective solvent and preservative. Other more easily accessible Menstrua include - good quality vodka, glycerine, or apple cider vinegar.

Menstruum strength: In the USA, the menstruum  strengths are between 35% and 70% ETOH.  Vodka or Rum are 80 proof which means they are 40% alcohol. to have better control over your percentages you can use ‘Everclear’ or ‘Clear Springs’ which are both 190 proof (95% alcohol).

The amount alcohol versus water in the menstruum  is the term in by the solubility of the constituents in the herb that you want to extract.See the rainforest remedies menus 50 to 60% alcohol. A hydrometer is very helpful to find the  accurate percent you want. These are some Brands available online for less than $10 or you can usually find them at a local distiller and Brewers supply store. 

Marc: The plant material used and the remains following pressing or squeezing

Maceration: the process of soaking or macerating A good or chopped Marc or herb in a menstruum or solvent. the length of time for the maceration usually runs from 7 days to 6 weeks.

Mastication: To reduce to a pulp by crushing, kneading, or chewing.

Agitation: The shaking to combine the menstruum and marc. This Shaking is vitally important to the quality of the medicine as a keeps herbs in contact with all the menstruum, allowing for greater extraction of the constituents